Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside...

We had convinced Amy to come with us to Dubai with the promise of sun, sea and sand. So far she had seen lots of sun (48 degrees in the shade) plenty of sand (usually with cranes sticking out of it), but not a lot of sea. So Friday August 29th was 'take Amy and the kids to the beach' day.

So we packed up the Barbie car and headed for the beach. We had the pleasure of the company of Jody's huge doll because, "She really wants to come to the beach, mummy. She really does."

Unfortunately, Jody's doll was far more enthusiastic about the beach than Dylan, who got cross when he was told he couldn't throw sand at the people lying on beach.

He cheered up a little when he was told he could kick sand into the sea. Especially when he saw Jody paddling downwind.

The only problem with this particular Dubai beach was a slight smell of camel poo as we walked back to the Barbie car.

We finished a perfect afternoon by laughing at other people's cars getting stuck in the sand as we watched the sun go down.

Then we set off for home... But the Barbie car got stuck in the sand.

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