Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back By Popular Demand...

Well, that's not strictly true, but we did get two emails saying it had been a while since the last blog entry.

The problem is, life has got busy. The lilo has been deflated and the sun loungers are gathering dust (well sand).

Mark is as busy as ever, setting the media world on fire and quality-testing the local beer. Jody has started a few 'activities', including the school choir - the irony of which will not be lost on anyone that has heard her sing. Rachel has accidentally stumbled upon a job writing beauty features for Arabic magazines - the irony of which...

Also, we have been working as a family to overcome Dylan's sad addiction to computer games.

So, what has happened since the last entry? Well, Christmas was as wonderful as Christmas is supposed to be.

We took the kids on a guided tour of Dubai's Christmas decorations. Unsurprisingly, Dylan's favourite was a display that featured killer Christmas trees.

It just felt a bit wrong being warm in December. So, when term ended, we left the sun behind for a freezing English Christmas. In a cunning attempt to wean Dylan from the Wii, we bought him and Jody some 'real' Mariokart action figures. So now battery-operated Yoshi is allowed to sit on the sofa and watch as Dylan plays virtual Wii Mariokarts.

Jody and Mark travelled to Ireland on the second leg of the 2008/9 family-tour, so Jody could show off her new 'High School Musical' outfit to someone who had actually seen the film - her cousin Naoise.

We read in the papers that Dubai had banned all New Year's celebrations out of respect for the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Well, we did Sheik Mohammed proud. After a day trip to London, Rachel and Mark fell asleep in front of granny's fire - accidentally missing their own New Year extravaganza.

Just another evening in the life of the rock 'n roll Hamilton family...

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