Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Short Life of Shakira the School Hamster.

On Monday, a hamster appeared in Dylan's classroom.

Dylan loved the hamster; the hamster loved Dylan.

Rachel didn't love the hamster, but Rachel did love Dylan. Most of the time. So, when Dylan asked to take Shakira (for that was the little rodent's name) home for the weekend - "Please, mummy, please. It would be the best birthday present ever" - Rachel reluctantly agreed.

On Wednesday, Mrs Thompson asked Rachel to pop into the classroom for a chat. Usually, chats with Mrs Thompson revolve around Dylan's 'different learning style' (teacher-speak for him not doing what he's told, unless what he's told is: "go and play on the computer" ).

However, this chat was different. Sadly, this chat was about Shakira's recent trip to hamster heaven.

Usually, Rachel would have told the kids the truth about Shakira's sad demise. However, the teacher didn't want the class to know that the hamster had carked it. So, Mrs Thompson had invented a story about the hamster missing his mummy and going back to live with her.

Rachel went home to share the bad news with Dylan:

Rachel: Dylan I've got some bad news
Dylan: Can I have a biscuit?
Rachel: In a minute. I've got some bad news. It's about Shakira the hamster.
Dylan: Can I have a biscuit?
Rachel: Say 'please'. Now, about the hamster.
Dylan: Can I have a biscuit please.
Rachel: Yeah, in a minute. When I've told you about the hamster. Dylan, I'm afraid Shakira won't be coming home with us this weekend (waits for explosion)
Dylan: Why?
Rachel: Shakira misses her mummy and wants to go and visit her instead (waits for melt down)
Dylan: How do you know?
Rachel: Huh?
Dylan: How do you know Shakira misses her mummy?
Rachel: Um...
Dylan: Did the hamster tell you with its head? (forgets the biscuit in his fascination about inter-species communication)
Rachel: No
Dylan: looks like he might cry.
Rachel: But do you know what? It did tell Mrs Thompson. Yes, Mrs Thompson can talk to hamsters. Why don't you ask her all about it tomorrow.
Dylan: Okay. Can I have a biscuit now?

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