Friday, October 2, 2009

Sundown Adventureland

We came back to the UK for August, which was great - but cold.

One morning we woke up and the sun was shining. To celebrate we decided to take a trip to Sundown Adventureland.

We loaded the kids in the car, and took Aunty Katy, Harriet and baby Francesca along for the ride.

We arrived at the Adventureland, to find that Francesca had filled her nappy. And the car seat. And the back seat of the car.

Then came the wasps. While Katy struggled to change the poo-baby in the car boot, the rest of us fought off the wasps. Some fought harder than others, and Jodie got stung.

Finally, we were ready to go. Unfortunately the entrance was easily identified by the queue of at least two hundred people waiting to get in. Every so often a small child in the queue would scream in pain, which helped everyone else work out where the wasps were.

Mark smiled smugly and pointed to a second entrance marked ‘pre-paid tickets’ and reminded us that he had bought the tickets on-line before we set off. So we marched up to the window, smiling sympathetically at the people in the queue.

MARK: Hello. As you’ll see, we have tickets already.

WOMAN IN KIOSK: Hello. As you’ll see, these tickets are for tomorrow.

RACHEL, JODIE, DYLAN, KATY, HARRIET, FRANCESCA (if she could speak): Aaarghghgh

MARK: There must be some mistake.

WOMAN IN KIOSK: Well, there’s the date (pointing to large date)

MARK: Hmmm

WOMAN IN KIOSK: So, if you’d like to go and join the queue…

Rachel launched into a long rant that included baby poo, wasps, idiot husbands, screaming kids and just enough insanity for the woman in the kiosk to wave everybody through.

After that, things got much better. Dylan brightened up when he saw the tractors ( "Like Farmville").

Mark brightened up when he found loads of silly posters to stick his head through ( "Take my picture! Take my picture! Hey Dylan come here, then mummy might take a picture" )

Rachel had visions of the past...

And the future...

And Katy went off to re-fill Francesca. They'd been gone a while, so Rachel went to look for them, and found Katy breast feeding next to this sign.

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